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Kamal Aliyev :Does Nikol Pashinyan recognize Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity including Karabakh?

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As we know Armenia’s prime minister Nikol Pashinyan signaled his readiness to recognize Azerbaijan’s 86,600 square kilometers of territorial integrity.During the talks held in Brussel Azerbaijan’s president İlham Aliyev has declared to recognize Armenia’s 29,800 square kilometers as well.
In my opinion,the most important think is that Pashinyan’s government recognizes Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity including Karabakh or not.If Pashinyan does not mean Karabakh as a part of Azerbaijan,it could not be accepted by Baku.
But in reality,Karabakh is within Azerbaijan’s 86,600 square kilometers.In Soviet time Azerbaijan as a member of USSR,did have 86,600 square kilometers.
But there is a misunderstanding or miscalculations.Thus,Artur Hovannisyan,a senior lawmaker representing the ruling Civil Servant party(led by prime minister Pashinian)said that Armenian recogniation Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over Karabakh would not preclude the Karabakh Armenian’s self-determination.Nowdays,Araik Arutyunyan’s separatist adminstration claims that they are fighting for self-determination.But Azerbaijani government is not in intention to give Karabakh Armenians any kind of self-determination.Baku tries its best to reintegrate ethnic Armenians living in Karabakh and accepts these peaple its citizens.
In this case,the ethnic Armenians school subject to Azerbaijan’s authority,otherwise they can go to Armenia.


On the other hand,three dozen political groups,including Armenia’s leading opposition parties and five other political groups representing in Karabakh’s separatist parliament accuse Pashinian that he is ignoring Karabakh Armenias’ self-determination right.It means that any nogatiated content whereby the Armenian authorities will agree to Karabakh being part of Azerbaijan.According to these political forces,Nikol Pashinian does not have any authority to make such agreements.They are also claiming that such a deal would run counter to Armena’s laws and Karabakh Armenians’ self-determination which the United States of America,Russia and France upheld in peace plans jointly drafted by them prior to the 2020 war.
It seems to me that Armenia’s opposition miscalculates and tells incorrect things that 1992 parliamentary act bans Armenia’s governments from signing any document referring to Karabakh as Azerbaijani territory.This is absulately incorrect and does not reflect the reality.This act is against international law and is a lack of status.
But Nikol Pashinian is a prime minister of Armenia and he stopped invoking the principle of self-determination and declared the principle to lower the bar on Karabakh’s status acceptable to the Armenian side.Though,the separatist adminstration in Karabakh repeatedly critisized the Armenian primier’s declaration on the conflict,today there is a real opportunity to solve the problem.Especially,in the framework of Brussel format including the talks held between foreign minister of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Washington,the sides have come to an agreement in some vital points.Azerbaijan is looking forward to seeing Armenia’s withdrawing from Kazakh’s 7 Nakhchivan’s Kerki willages.Then it is possible enough to discuss Zengezur corridor,delimitation and demarcation process between two countries.

Kamal Aliyev

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