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Kamal Aliyev: Can we see reconciliation process between Turkey and Armenia?

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Theoretically,everything is possible in politics.As you know,in 2008 there was a dialogue between Turkey and Armenia.İt was called “Zurich Protocolls”in history.
At that time the prime minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu and Armenian president Serj Sarkisian had bileteral meetings to resolve this problem.As I remember,then president of Turkey Abdullah Gul had visited Armenia in order to normalize relations.He also watched football match between Turkish and Armenian national teams.Ag thst time as you know it was called “football diplomacy”
Turkey had a political idea”Caucasian Stability and Cooparation Platform”.This was very vital for both sides.And the sides could start the consultation process.There were also a road map or protocols which could open the borders between Turkey and Armenia.However,the great powers,including the YSA,Russia,EU and France were the sides of this process. Despite all efforts by Turkey,Armenian side refused ti ratificate the protocols in its parliament.On the other hand,the constitution court of Armenia aksu refused to discuss or consider the protocols.

After the 44 days war Armenia defeated by Azerbaijan there is a new potential and opportunity to develop the relations between Turkey and Armenia.I would like to point out that Armenia needs to develope the relations with Turkey and Azerbsijan.Turkey closed its borders with Armenia in 1993 due to occupation of Kalbachar region by armenian military forces.
Armenian prime minister Nikol Pasinyan psid an offisial visit to neighboring Georgia and during his trip he asked his georgian counterpart Irakli Gsribashvili to help him meeting with Turkush president Receb Tayyib Erdogan.Of course,this was a positive signal by Armenian side.But we have to consider that the normalising the relations between Turkey and Armenia depends on Azerbaijan.This fact is also clear to Armenia.
I think that after the second war in Nagorno-Karabakh the western countries must persuade Armenia such a scenario that the sides are able to reconsillation process.

I know that Armenian people are not ready to reconciliation process now.There is a widespread “turkfobia”in Armenian society.Secondly,they were defeated and this has a big impact on Armenians.But the Armenians who think rationally acknowledge that they need peace and stability with neighbors.And the project “3+3″which was proposed by Erdogan is vital enough for Armenis.Especially,the unblocking communication systems in the region will give much more opportunity not only Turkey and Azerbaijan,but also Armenia.Armenia does not have any natural resources.This is why this country needs to have relations with Turkey.In recent years a lot of Armenians have immigrated to Turkey in order to find a job.Loads of Armenians are living illegally in Turkey now.

On the other hand,Russis does not want any state of war in South Caucasus.There are russian “peasekeepers”in Upper Karabakh and Azerbaijan has a right that after 4 years to say “goodbye”to Russian soldiers.As you know,the time runs out fast.
But this is another reality that after four years Putin with the help of local Armenians finds pretexts to stay in Karabakh for a long time or indefinite time.
In addition,Russia can interact both Azerbsijan and Armenia.
Putin says always that,thanks to russian “peasekeepers”there is a ceasefire in Karabakh.But it is clear that,recently passed some provocations by Armenians.I exclude that,Russian soldiers which are stationed in Karabakh do not have any role on these matters.
I think that,as a peacekeepers Russian Federation has a responsibility in the region.But in the last days we got informations that Russia wants to organize “Russian community”in the region.Russian military does not have any authority without Azerbaijan permission to act something in Karabakh.

Russia must understand that,the “peasekeepers”in Karabakh are temporary,not forever.
The agreement which was signed in 2020 on the 10 th of November says that the russians have responsibility to establish pease between azeris and Armenians,not to sculpture monuments of Russian literators.
By Kamal Aliyev

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