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Kamal Aliyev: Can U.S and Turkey shake hands for a new period?

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As you know,recently it was held trilateral meeting between the defence ministers Russia,Turkey and Syria in Moscow.After this meeting,US State Departament made a statement that we don’t support countries upgrading their relations and expressing support to rehabilitate the brutal dictator Bashar Assad.
Of course,we all have got information Assad’s atrocious human rights record.Since 2011,Assad regime has killed plenty of innocent people including children,women in Syria.Syria was divided into many parts.The north part of this country by Syrian Democratic Forces(mainly Kurdish forces called YPG).On the other hand,Turkish president R.T.Erdogan has reiterated his openness to normalize relations with Syrian dictator B.Assad.But Washington thinks that any kind of relations with Assad regime is wrong and US wants Turkey away of this policy.According to me,US has a right on this matter.Until this time,US had a policy to overthrow Assad regime but this dictator is still in power.But many years ago US government had pledged to Syrian people to topple this regime as well.As a result the reality is clear:Assad regime is conducting its brutal policy and due to this dictatorship millions of people left Syria and live abroad.I am agree that,Russia helped this regime to resist public riots.Russia helped the regime to stay in power and US helped SDF.As I see,Ankara is interested in Syria’s territorial integrity.But Washington wants autonomous administration in northeast Syria.Ankara is against U.S plans.Turkey thinks that,once upon a time Kurdish minority living in Turkey demands also autonomous administration.And Kurdish party HDP in Turkish parliament demands always autonomous administration in Turkey.Thus,Ankara sees Kurdish forces in northeast Syrias as a danger for its territorial integrity.
Turkish government has been protecting Syrian civilians and military opposition for a long time.The Turkish backed military opposition(Syrian National Army)has been fighting against Syrian regime.In addition to,more than 3,5 million Syrian refugees are living in Turkey.Nowdays,millions of Syrian refugees are a problem for Erdogan government both economically and politically.Erdogan understands that,millions of Syrian refugees,economic problems,inflation are making problems for his government in the next election which is expected to be held in June.Erdogan government wants to normalize bileteral relations with Biden administration.US and Turket are close allies in NATO.Besides,Erdogan has a close relations and friendship with Russian president V.Putin.In the framework of Astana format Turkey continues to solve Syrian problem with Russia and Iran.As I mentioned above,Ankara is interested in Syrian territorial integrity.This is a key geopolitics target of Turkey.Both U.S and Turkey need each other.As NATO members Turkey and US can can shake hands in a near future.This is a vital task for both NATO allies.As I see,Turkey is ready to restore mutual relations wish US.But Ankara expects a step forward by the US adminstration.Ankara wants U.S.Army parting ways with SDF(YPG)which is recognized by Turkey as a terrorist organization.In a near future I don’t expect that US will give up Kurdish groups in northeast Syria.According to Washington,SDF is fighting against ISIS and because of this fact this group will get military assistance from the United States of America.

Kamal Aliyev Kafkassam

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