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Kamal Aliyev: Can China’s aid to Russia create another world war?

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Ukrainian President Voldyodymr Zelenski has warned China in a German newspaper die Welt that supporting Russia in its war against Ukraine would bring on a worl war.As we know in addition to Iran and North Korea,Bejing has been supporting Putin’s invasion in Ukraine.It is so much pity that Chine is supporting Russia and supplies this country with weapons.It is know that at the weekend U.S. secretary of State Entony Blinken warned his Chinese counterpart that Bejing should stop providing weapons to Russia in its war on Ukraine.Till this time,China has stated that the United States was in no position to make demands.
It would be important that China does not support the Russian Federation.But we have to acknowledge that it is impossible right now.And I do not imagine Chine to be with Ukraine.At the moment,however,I don’t think it’s possible.
On the other hand,it appears an important question:Why Chine supports Putin’s Russia and supplies this country with ammunations? According to me,Chine thinks that after Russia,the West will attack on this country.I find this fact as China’s main scare.Due to this fear Chine will not stop providing Russia with weapons and Beijing will continue to do it’s best until the last minute.
Additionally,I want to think pragmatic that about Chine’s assessment.Because if Chine allies itself with the Russian Federation,there will be a world war,and I do think that Chine is aware of this reality.
Furthermore,the United States of America pressures Chine to stop supplying Russia with weapons.Chine knows that Russia is conducting a brutal war against Ukraine and supplying this country with weapons will have consequences.But Chine does think that it does not have another option.Because Beijing is convinced that after Russia it comes Chine.

Kamal Aliyev,political scientist

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