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Kamal Aliyev: Armenian position on Zengezur corridor is clear:no extra-territorial status

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The speaker of Armenian Parliament Alen Simonyan has so underscored:”We welcome future transport agreements that respect the principles of sovereignty,competence and reciprocity”.

How we can understand and analyze Simonyan´s opinion on Zengezur corridor.Pashinyan´s intention is so that there can not be extra-territorial status for Zengezur corridor and the respect to Armenia´s independence should be taken into account.
Regardless of Pashinyan´s comments,Turkish leader Receb Tayyib Erdogan has expressed that if Yerevan is against Zengezur corridor,we are able to realize this project through Iran.According to Turkish president.Iran is agree with this idea.Then Prime Minister Pashinyan responded to Erdogan´s opinions and said that if this project is implemented with the exception of Armenia,it will be a new type of blockade against us.
We can find out from Pashinyan´s words that Armenian government is not against Zengezur corridor but there are pressings on his final decision.
In my opinion,some global or regional actors do not want to give opportunity to this project because of Russia´s influence.
As you know,according to Trilateral Declaration signed on November.10,2020,after realization of Zengezur corridor,the security of this project must be protected by Russian security Forces.My perspective on this issue is that Pashinyan government is against Russia´s control over Zengezur corridor.And on this issue not only Armenian government,but also the U.S. and EU are against Russia´s control over Zengezur corridor.

In conclusion,the meeting of the leaders of Azerbaijan,Armenia,France,Germany and EU within the framework of of the third meeting of the European Political Community to be held in Spain(Granada)on October 5 can be also turning point for Zengezur corridor.Following the Granada summit,I think Nikol Pashinyan will be obliged to announce his intention clearly on Zengezur corridor.Russia is also expecting Pashinyan´s final decision on Zengezur corridor.
In fact,3+3 geoeconomic project including Zengezur(or the way through Iran´s territory)corridor is vital enough for all regional countries.But the main contrast on this line of communication is between Russia and the West.
The West will exclude Russia from this project.On the other hand,Russia and Iran want to eradicate the West´s influence on Armenia.Iran and Russia are against the West´s interference on regional issues,As I underscored above,the basic competence between Russia and the West is to possess Armenia.
Let´s wait what happens upcoming weeks and months…
Kamal Aliyev

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