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Kamal Aliyev: Armenia in the middle of Russia and France

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According to Armenian media,French president Emanuel Macron visits Erevan and Azerbaijan.After visiting to Armenia,Mr Macron pays a visit to Azerbaijan.As you know,France is an ally of Armenia and accuses permenantly Azerbaijan on Karabakh issue.On the other hand,Paris predicts a new war in Karabakh and desides to eradicate this probability as well.Additionally,there is a conflict between France and Russia starting from Africa and continues in South Caucasus.In the transitation to New World Order,both france and russia are eager to boost their influence as possible as they can.It is expected that France abandons Afrika and the countries like China and Russia want to fulfill the vacuum post France period.As a result of these events,we could witness a new confrantation between France and Russia in Caucasus.Right now,France as a defender of Armenia does not want any war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.Regardless of this,France tries its best to integrate Armenia to EU.It is fact that Azerbaijan ruling by Ilham Aliyev does not want to integrate Azerbaijan to EU.But it will not easy enough to Armenia to cut relations with Russian Federation.Russia has got political tools on Armenia and in a suitable situation they will realize their political tools aganst Pashinyan government.In a near future Russia will threaten Armenia .Recently,Pro-government media in Armenia has desided to deliver humanitarian relief to the ukraine since the war began in this country.Armenia has also posted photos from preparations for joint military exercise with US.Armenian Ministry of Defence has so said that the purpose of the exercise was to level of interoperability of the unit participating in international peacekeeping missions in the framework of peacekeeping operations.Finally.Armenian first lady Anna Hakopyan will participate in the Third Summit of the First Ladies and Centlemen in Kjiv,Ukraine.
Kamal Aliyev

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