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  5. Kamal Aliyev: According to Putin,NATO expanding eastwards is still a great dangerous for Russia

Kamal Aliyev: According to Putin,NATO expanding eastwards is still a great dangerous for Russia

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After the summit by secure video the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has said that the official Moscow reserves the right to defend its security.
It is clear that after the meeting with Putin,the USA president C.Biden has his ideas so expressed that if Moscaw attacks to its neighbor,the West will have very strong sanctions against Russia.
From my point of view this could be very strong signal to Russian aggression and engagement.
On the other hand,the talks between Putin and Biden were a good chance to lower tensions on the Russian-Ukranian border.

As you now,right now Russia has deployed more than 100 hundred thousand troops on the border with Ukraine.The western media has recently so written that till January Russia might attack to Ukraine.

However Russian president V.Putin has today said that his country has right to defence its security.Putin also refused to say if Moscaw planned to move troops massing on Ukrain’s frontier across the border.Putin says that right now he is simply watching NATO move closer to Russia would amount to criminal inaction.

Today I listened to Putin very attentively.As I understood Vladimir Vladimirovich is concerned of Ukrain’s possible admission to NATO.
Putin says clearly that if Ukraine is admitted to Ukraine,the western military organization will deploy its military on the Ukrsnian-Russian border.And Putin does’nt doubt that this can be very dangerous to the security of Russian Federation.

I have so understood that NATO expansion eastwards is “a sensitive”issue to Russia.This is why Russia wants guarantee that Ukraine at least will not be admitted to NATO I a near future.Approximately in the next ten years Ukraine will not be a part of NATO.
According to me,the USA has pledged to this.That isy why Russia has not to invade to Ukraine and the negoiation process in format of Normand should be kept on.
As we know the “Minsk accord”is a chosen variant in the framework of this format.

The president of Ukraine V.Zelensk meets the USA president Biden on Thursday.Ukrainian president has also appreciated Putin-Biden negotiation positive.
V.Zelensky says that Ukrsin’s victory lies in the fact that the USA has always supported the sovereignty and independence of his country.
According to Zelensky,mr Biden has taken his personal role in resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
In conclusion I would like to remind you that Ukraine has been fighting with pro-Russian separatist in its eastern Lugansk and Donetsk regions since 2014.
For one thing,dictator Putin has also illegally annexed the Crimean Peninsula.On the other hand,Russia has supported separatist in the eastern part of Ukraine and has illegally given passports the citizens who are living in this regions.
The West accuses Russia for his supporting separatists. But Russia denies all claims as well.
As result of clashes in eastern of Ukraine more than 13 thousand people have been killed.

Kamal Aliyev

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