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It is necessary to continue Armenia-NATO cooperation – says political scientist

Hasan Oktay Hasan Oktay - - 2 dk okuma süresi
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YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 12, ARMENPRESS. Armenia must continue implementing various programs with NATO, Chairman of the Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation, political scientist Stepan Grigoryan said at a conference entitled “Challenges Ahead: NATO from Wales to Warsaw and Beyond”.

“NATO is supporting us to strengthen our army management, to develop communication capabilities, implements other projects. We must continue those projects since the time shows the challenges are increasing, and if you work with only one country and only in one system, it is impossible to respond to those challenges”, he said, “Armenpress” reported.

Grigoryan said the April four-day war must be a lesson for the Armenian side. “Despite that we gave strong counter attack to the Azerbaijani side, we were not somehow ready to that war. That’s why diversification is needed both in the security and economy fields. We have worked with NATO, have cooperated, we always support Armenia to actively cooperate with the European Union. We must work to sign the new cooperation agreement with the EU as soon as possible”, he said.

He said there is a danger Azerbaijan will take new steps against Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, thus, it is necessary to diversify the security system working with the CSTO, NATO and the EU.

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