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Geopolitics, Geography, Geostrategy and Strategy Concepts

Gündem 4 Ekim 2018

Geopolitics is defined as a branch of science that investigates the effects of geography on politics with its simplest definition. But geopolitics has a much deeper content and undertakes important tasks besides its short and accurate definition. Geopolitics is, above all, a state administration science. All aspects of life, including domestic and foreign policy, are of interest to geopolitics. Political, military, economic, scientific-technological and socio-cultural issues are directly related to geopolitics. In the military and national security literature, these parameters are defined as the elements of national power. From this point of view, geopolitics is a method of power analysis that takes into account political, military, economic, scientific-technological and socio-cultural parameters. The power of both ourselves and others and the effect of this on ours and on the international system can be revealed through geopolitical analysis methods. States accumulate and use power to achieve their goals. Ability to capture the objectives set forth by the power possessed; it requires that the target with power be proportionate and consistent. It is essential that the target is captured with the least amount of power and an optimum path is available. The incompatibility of power with the target leads to disasters. There are many examples of this in history. The ways and methods followed by the states to reach their targets with their power are defined as strategy in the literature. The strategy can be defined as the path to the target and the method to be followed. The need to define geopolitical and strategy concepts in this way arises from the inability to use these concepts correctly. The frequent error is the use of the concept of geopolitical location. It is not a geopolitical location of a country but we can talk about its geographical situation. Besides, we can talk about the geographic location of a country as well as its geopolitical situation. The use of these concepts in place is of great importance for the scientific literature. In addition, we can define the sub-branches of geopolitics as a branch of science, as geoeconomics and geoculture, and we can state that geoeconomic situation and geocultural situation will be appropriate. Finally, we need to clarify the concept of geostrategy. Because the concept of geostrategy is often used in the wrong places. Geostrategy can be defined as the strategic management of geopolitical interests. At this point, we can talk about the strategic importance of a country or a subject, but only its geostrategic value. The aim of this evaluation is to ensure that the concepts of geopolitical situation, geographical location, geoeconomic and geocultural situation, strategic importance and geostrategic value are used correctly with the sensitivity of being scientific.
Dr. Ufuk Cerrah-KAFKASSAM Uzmanı