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Denis Korkodinov: SBU and Habashite sectarians: playing in the dark

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It is well known that the Kiev regime repeatedly tried to play the Crimean Tatar card in its foreign and domestic policy, sometimes very ineptly playing on the aspirations of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people to create national autonomy. Both Poroshenko and Zelensky, speaking at various political venues, have repeatedly reproached the Russian Federation for infringing on the rights and freedoms of the Crimean Tatars. However, the reality turned out to be more multifaceted.

Genuine secret documents of the SBU came into our possession, which are another confirmation of the use by the Ukrainian special service of the Habashite sectarians of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine (DUMU) to suppress the religious self-consciousness of the Crimean Tatars. To do this, the SBU officers use the old proven method of introducing informants into the national community. For the assistance provided, the SBU supports sectarians in every possible way.

Thus, in document No. 1, an informant hiding under the nickname “Poseidon / 7” before Captain I. Basarab, appointed curator, about the actions of the imam of the Kherson region Mukhamedov Kazimjon Olimzhonovich (known to Kherson residents as Sheikh Kazim), aimed at expanding research in the Muslim community through the construction of an Islamic cultural center in Kherson. At the same time, the SBU officer positively assesses the actions of Sheikh Kazim.

In particular, in the document, he mentions that “during the regular meeting of the Architectural and Urban Planning Council of the Kherson City Executive Committee, the city architect, member of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine Mikhail Vustyansky, by order of Mukhamedov K.O., the meeting of the preliminary project of the cultural and religious center of Muslims took place <… > funding comes from voluntary donations from local residents from foreign countries.”

The duplicity of Kyiv’s existing subsequent conclusion of the presence of the SBU on the basis of an undercover report presented in document No. 2.

According to I. Basarab and his leadership (which is indicated by the resolutions on the document), the activities of the sectarians to strengthen their positions will cause undesirable opposition from the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The actions (by that time not even implemented in practice) of the Crimean Tatars are cynically qualified as “the use of the ethnic factor to destabilize the socio-political situation, spread the ideas of autonomism and separatism, create mono-ethnic administrative-territorial formations within the boundaries of certain regions of Ukraine.”

In our opinion, the personality of Sheikh Kazim deserves special attention, who turned out to be an SBU informant himself and used secret cooperation to eliminate his religious rivals.

As shown in Document No. 2, K. Mukhamedov is listed as a trustee of M.K.O. (the letters correspond to his initials), agency relations were established in June 2018. The reliability level of the informant is reliable.

Sheikh Kazim reports to his curator I. Basarab about the criminal, in his opinion, activities of the head of the Kherson branch of the public organization “Community of the Crimean Tatars” and a supporter of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Crimea Mustafa Shamilevich. K. Mukhamedov presents Mustafa’s public activities to uphold the rights of the Crimean Tatar people as a threat to the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine. Complains that he is trying to ensure the dominance of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea among the Muslims of the region. And he also fears that the future Islamic center in Kherson will be reoriented to the Crimean muftiate, following the example of the situation in the village of Strelkovoe in the Genichesk district, where supporters of Sheikh Kazim seized the local mosque, which previously belonged to the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea.

The SBU officers make another biased and unfounded conclusion that Mustafa’s actions contain signs of a crime under Part 1 of Art. 151 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (“violations of the equality of citizens on the basis of their race, nationality, religious beliefs, disability and other grounds”). In agreement with the leadership of the SBU in the Kherson region, Mustafa was conditionally repressed.

Thus, the activities of the Crimean Tatars to defend their rights and freedoms, recognized by international human rights organizations, are unequivocally qualified by the Kyiv regime as a threat to national security. Despite the intentions declared by the leadership of Ukraine to create a Crimean Tatar autonomy, in reality the SBU duplicitously takes measures to counter the notorious “use of the ethnic factor to destabilize the socio-political situation, spread the ideas of autonomism and separatism, create mono-ethnic administrative-territorial e

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