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Considering the failed task a victory is wrong – Gevorg Melkonyan

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Today, historian Gevorg Melkonyan stated at the meeting with journalists that the cancellation of Armenian-Turkish protocols is not Armenia’s victory.

“The initiative of the Armenian-Turkish protocols was ours and we saw that it did not work,” said Gevorg Melkonyan and added that Considering the failed task a victory is wrong. He noted that despite the failure of the Armenian-Turkish protocols, it is a necessity and should be prepared for the society.

The historian believes that the Armenian-Turkish protocols may be put into circulation again because neighboring nations cannot always be in this form of diplomatic relations when they have a trade turnover of about $ 300 million annually.

He also recalled that Turkey was the first to recognize the independence of Armenia, and in the 1990s it even sent humanitarian aid to Armenia. According to Gevorg Melkonyan, the establishment of relations with Turkey stems from our own interests.

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