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Armenia has serious potential to boost dialogue with Russia – Putin

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Armenia has a serious power and potential to impart a new impetus to its developing cooperation with Russia, President Vladimir Putin said today, highlighting his country’s interest particularly in economic and political dialogue.

“We are hopeful to develop the relations in military industries,” he told Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who travelled to Moscow on Sunday afternoon to take part in the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council’s summit, reports the Government’s press service.

Pashinyan, for his part, appreciated Russia’s increasing interest in the country, highlighting the positive dynamics in the Russian tourists’ number. “We highly appreciate Russia’s neutral stance on the internal political crisis in Armenia,” he added.

The premier also congratulated the Russian leader on last week’s Peace and Victory Day, adding that Armenia traditionally follows the festive parades held annually in Moscow.

Wishing the newly appointed chief of Armenia’s cabinet success in his current duties, Putin said he also hopes that the Armenian-Russian relations will see a further progress during his tenure.

“Russia treats Armenia as a close partner and ally in the region,” the Russian leader said, stressing the role of economic cooperation and national security issues.

He also promised a continung partnership in the frameworks of international and regional organizations.

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